by Rookie

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released June 1, 2017

Stephen Sherman- bass
Doug Kreitzer- Vox
Jay Baskette- drums
Tommy Cappel- guitar, vox

Artwork by Michael Rendell Hensley
Layout by Mark Becknell
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Cappel www.cappelrecordingstudio.com

Vocal production assist by Adam Zinser


all rights reserved



ROOKiE Cincinnati, Ohio

Born in Steeb Hall dormitory at THE Ohio State University on a blistery Fall day in 2001, the band ROOKiE toured the country throughout their college career. Highlights included sharing the stage with 311, The Mr. T Experience, and having songs placed in TV shows and movie's such as "Dead Before Dawn" and "The Echo." Their 4th studio album "Daredevil" is set to be released May 27th 2017. ... more

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Track Name: Perfect Prayer
hidden so far away and taken for granted
lonely and abandoned
if only we could see
thats why i pray this whole world could see her
as such a beautiful creature
beautiful energy

but you spend your whole life in a shackle and chain
what we do to you don't we feel the pain
get to the heart and tell me what remains
don't we all want the same
to be happy and free

i took the time to get to know you
i sat and listened to your perfect prayer
i only wanted to console you
cause pretty soon you won't be here in a world that would control you
how do you hold back all the things you feel
from the one who bought and sold you
whats yours to give we go and steal

thats why i want to let you go let the world know
even she wants to feel so wonderful
let the feeling grow into your soul
she cries for her child with the motherly moan
let the healing start break it apart
the stone that stopped up a piece of my heart
don't we all want the same
to be happy and free?
Track Name: Get Outta Town
one night I was reminiscing on my life
couldn't help but wonder am I living it right?
all day i was just letting it slip away
i gotta make a move gotta make a change

if i wanna make these changes
i gotta make a realization
if i wanna make a sound then ive got to get around

i've gotta get outta town, ive gotta make my way
i've gotta pack the things, tell the friends i gotta find my own way
when i come around, when i find myself
i'm gonna change the world, get the girl
i'm gonna make you proud

wide eyed i'll take another look into this only life
i'm following a vision like a dream at night
always i'll follow my heart never look away
some are gonna say your true strength lies in
just how wide you can open your eyes
Track Name: They Sing to Me
I see signs they send to me
I feel bumps they give to me
And they sing to me undeniably
Through my days they sing to me

Past their graves they guide me through
In sweet ways they listen too
And they sing to me bring me to my knees
Love sweet love they give to me

Lay down low watch me as I go
Lay down low tonight tonight
Law down low watch me as I go
In my head I’ll be alright

When I’m down they comfort me
No one’s round they visit me
And they sing to me undeniably through my days they sing to me

Lay down….
Track Name: Pleasures of the Damned
I never bought into your values or systemic state of mind
And my conclusions are what I came to and not something you defined
And we can search for days and search always but seldom can we find
A feeling that is true and bold and fused us at the bone

Ya know it took way to much to time to understand
That I could walk around in guilt and shame
Or just embrace the pleasures of the damned

I never reached a state of perfect bliss or clarity of mind
And in accepting that does not exist has only helped me to define
The endless chaos and the wickedness in front of these sore eyes
And lately they are blurred and soaked and clenching to the bone

So maybe I can search and find a way to lend a hand
And bear witness to this cruel cruel world
Or just embrace the pleasures of the damned

The pleasures of the damned
The sick pleasures of the damned
The sorted pleasures of the damned

(timebomb we’re all timebombs)
Track Name: One Heart, One Soul
I can see it I believe it
i feel i can make it love struck and naked
as the day i came into life
just the same as the way i shall leave it
just like my mother, just like my brother
aint none of us worth any more than another
across the ocean there's still life in motion
we're bleeding the same blood
feeling the same love

we came from one its true
though we've been divided
divinity's hiding
where i'll be united to you
that's why i'll be coming for you

for we are all one heart, all one soul, all see through our own windows
all people, we are all equal ,we are all pieces of one whole

ive been hoping to get to know it
that light in my soul that could burn through the cold
ive got a heart that could melt through the dark
and if we never part this should never be too hard

yes i can feel its near
when we sing for all to hear
as we live with no fear
i whisper freedom in your ear
yes ive got to make this clear

for we are...

oh I wanna plant myself by the river and watch this water flow by
from the mouth of the eternal giver, the mother of my love and my life
as she flows in fluid circulation, seeing water is a liquid light
coming down from the heavens to the mountain to me
to the ocean and back to the sky
so man is a part of this plan, so man is a waterway, too
though sometimes rivers just get so muddy that the eagle eye can't see through
and so we wait for the dust to settle, then it settles and its crystal clear
and our destiny shines like a diamond in the mind
and we see that the glory is near for we are

Track Name: Break My Stereo
my mind is filled with shades of grey
cobwebs and swollen on the inside
big bricks of past anxiety
build walls protect my pride
ego is always hard to define

my life is rolling shades of grey
protest and steadfast on the inside
i don't care hit rewind
hear that back one more time
gimme that soundtrack break my stereo

my tastes are solid shades of white
bright always lingers on the outline
past days are all irrelevant
regressed and crooked lines
ego is always hard to define
Track Name: I Won't Let You Down
i wont let you down no never again

because you said you're love was like a child's
perfect innocent and mild
and i'm a setting sun

i won't let you down....

you said this was gonna take a while
there you left me standing with a smile
just like a setting sun
Track Name: Internet Dating
Filling out my profile on the internet cause I know there’s still a fish
The perfect person’s out there and I’ll find them yet they’ll adhere to my long list
So won’t you stay little darling cause I know love can exist and it goes on…

You’ll drive the perfect car and you’ll make the cash to make my dreams come true
you’ll hang on every word and every small demand and you’ll know just what to do
and you will stay little darling cause I know it could be you and it goes on…

I deserve the world and you’re supposed to make it happen
The pressure’s all on you so I’ll sit back and watch it happen
I deserve the world and you’re supposed to make it happen
The pressure’s all on you so I’ll sit back and watch it happen
Now good luck

Everybody’s looking for the perfect one and you know it don’t exist
Be a human being and give one a chance and you might just get your wish
And then you’ll stay little darling cuase you know love does exist and goes on…
Track Name: Wedding Song
Woke up in my bed alone emotional neurotic in a tremble, excited for the day
Always dreamed I always saw this day would come it would be a gamble, but not a doubt exists today

Saw you coming at me like a magnet to a battery, inscripted there above your vail it read

Today is a beautiful day, and we’ll never let this moment slip , we’ll never let this moment slip away

Before I met you I was down and out and everything just came up darkness there wasn’t much to smile about
Nowdays it’s a different tune a brighter light because of you and nothing’s gonna blow that sucker out

Saw you coming at me like a flower to a bumble bee insctripted there above your veil it readddd

Today is a beautiful day, and we’ll never let this moment slip , we’ll never let this moment slip away

Christmas is not lonely now, days gone by aren’t wrong
Everything is better and we’ll never be alone

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